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Dessert table # 2

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mesa de docinhos mais simples

Party favor Table

Dessert Table # 3

Dessert Table # 4

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Thank you your guests with one of these flavorful mini-cakes. Customized to match any decor

Dessert table # 5

From Our Kitchen to Your Event.

Hear what some of our custumers, and guests are saying...

"I never saw anything like this!It's lovely, and  absolutely delicious!”  ~ J. R,  British Entrepreneur,



"I cannot thank you enough for creating the most amazing platter for my birthday! These little bites were not only delicious but so gorgeously a work of art. Your presentation exceeded my, and everyone, expectation. The evening ran so smoothly, but with people overly excited with the goodies you made. Everyone impressively enjoy them, and left wanting more! Thanks to you, and the your  professional skills.  ~ S.  Gomez I will recommend you to all my friends!"

"The food was not only delicious but  gorgeously presented  like a work of art. The evening ran so  smoothly... thanks to you, and the professional attitude of every person there!

 I will recommend you to all my friends!" ~ ​An Aviation Crew


Redefining Dessets for Any Event
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