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Happily Married (Bem Casado)

Irish Baileys, and Blueberry Compote. Yummy!!

A "sweet" way to thank you your guest  

with flavor & elegance!

Happily Married (Bem Casado), is a popular dessert in Portugal and in Brazil, especially in celebrations of marriage, with over 100 years of existence. Besides the fairly sweet flavor, distinguished by attention given to the preparation of packages that are produced, usually made ​​of crepe paper and satin ribbons.


The Happily Married(Bem Casado) is a sweet Lusitanian who also spread to Brazil with colonization, and is common in both countries till today.


The basic difference between the Brazilian, and Portuguese Happily Married(Bem Casado), is the texture denser Portuguese recipe. Both are indirect descendants of multicentenário Alfajor Arabic. Its appearance resembles a French Macarons.


The most commonly used Happily Married (Bem Casado), are two little cakes filled with dulce de leche. They are a must have in any wedding in Brazil. Tradicionally they are individually wrapped in crepe paper, and tied with a little bow.


Today,  the Brazilian culinary has taken Happily Married (Bem Casado)to a different direction:


Brazilian Chefs have gone a few extra miles,  and modernized the Happily Married (Bem Casado). They have recreated new recipes, new fillings, and new packing.


The sweet cream joining of the two cakes, symbolizes good wishes, and happiness. However, now it symbolizes hapiness, and good wishes not only in marriage, but in any successful situation,such us in Business, Baptism, Christening, Birth, Graduation, First Communion, etc.


They can be customized to match any occasion décor.


These small, and mouth-watering cakes are used as Party Treats. At the end of the party, guests take it home to enjoy!


They are absolutely delicious!




Redefining Desserts For Any  Event
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